My Dream Boutique delivers to all states and territories within Australia. Express Mail Service (EMS) is our nominated courier. Shipping cost is calculated based on weight to any location within Australia.

Shipping Cost Calculation

The weight of an item is displayed on its info page. The shipping cost is calculated based on the total weight of your order. If your order is 300g, based on the chart above it falls within the ‘first 500g’ category hence the shipping cost is AUD23. For orders heavier than 500g there is an additional shipping cost of AUD6 for every 500g over the first 500g. (eg. 750g = 23+6= AUD29, 1500g = 23+6+6 = AUD35).

We provide attractive discounts for orders with 5 or more pieces of clothing. Please contact us at for further information on bulk discounts.